How to paint a true likeness?

Introducing a new tool.

Have you ever asked yourself, “Why doesn’t my painting look like the person I’m painting”?

If you’re a beginning portrait painter, a casual amateur taking a stab at painting your great aunt, or a student learning the craft of portrait painting, it’s likely you have.

Some people are just gifted, they just naturally get how to capture what truly reflects the person they are painting. Other artists are lucky enough to have a mentor who can give advice and point out things to try or areas to work on. But there are many who don’t have a mentor, who have tried and tried but still need some help.

What’s the Secret?

“Hard work, practice and more practice.”

That’s what any art teacher would tell you.

A solution

But I have a solution that can make it easier, even when you don’t have a mentor to guide you.

I wouldn’t call it a shortcut. It will still take hard work and practice to become a good portrait artist, but I have a tool that might help to get better results a little sooner.


Do you want to be among the first to try out this tool for making better likenesses?

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Portrait Analyzer

What will it be able to do?

Think of it as a digital coach for portrait painters. An app that will tell you what changes you could make on your work of art to improve the resemblance of your subject.  Let us know what features you would like to see added to this app.

What it is not.

It is not a digital/virtual canvas, or an auto-magic make-a-painting-from-a-photo app. It is not a “cheat” but more of a coach for artists.

There is no fee of any kind, but only a few early adopters will be accepted.

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