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About Two Views

My passion has always been to make things. Interesting things. If it makes you stop and wonder, I’ve succeeded. 3D printing has made it easier for me to create unique and attention-getting objects, but 3D printing is only one of the processes I use. Browse around here to see some of my creations. Some of them are even useful…

cyvasse box trnsp
octopus puzzle closeup

Some Things I’ve Made

(please call or email if interested)

oilyoaf can holder

Oily Oaf

Pop Can Holder


egg maze cactus pattern

Cactus Egg Maze

Maze Container


five rings

Magic Elements

Cosplay Rings


Knight's Box

Knight’s Box

Inspired by Game of Thrones


Tensegrity Fountain

Attempting to make a floating water fountain illusion. The pieces are meant to look like stone blocks and stone troughs stacked up and held down with ropes to keep them from floating away.  This is just a prototype or experiment, maybe I’ll make a larger version sometime. 


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