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Making a website look pretty is the easy part. Making it work hard and bring a return on investment is where most websites fail.

There are two sides to every website

Every website visitor has a goal. Every website owner has one too. Our goal is to make a site that meets the needs of both the website owner and the website users. We build simple yet elegant solutions that meet the client's goals.

The Process

Attract Visitors

Identify your audience. Use Content Marketing, SEO, Google Adwords and Social Media to drive your target customers to your website.

Capture Leads

Then use compelling Calls-to-action and Lead-capture forms to get your visitors' contact details and build up relationships over time.

Nurture & Convert

Use an autoresponder to scale the relationship building. It keeps you top-of-mind so when they are ready to buy, they will know who to go to.

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Websites I've helped. Browse some of my work here.

Website Portfolio

A selection of some recent and not-so-recent projects.

  • Silverback Construction
  • Pho House
  • Raising Energy
  • Sunrooms and Shades
  • Town of Wembley
  • Beaverlodge Soccer
  • Fresh Coast Rentals
  • Enviro Home
  • Winstons Fitness
  • Sacred Essence
  • Sazwan Speed Horses
  • GP Wolverines
  • AccountedFor
  • Hythe Pioneer Homes

About 2Views

Who we are and what we can do for you.

About Two Views Studio ltd.

What Two Views Studio does.

Web & Creative Design

Every website has a mission. You don't actually want a website for the sake of having a website, you have a greater goal in mind. Our job is to understand what you are trying to achieve and build you a web presence to enable you to achieve it.

Web Apps & Mobile Apps

Do you have an idea for something that would make your life easier? Or other people's life? Do you thing, "I wonder if I could make an app for that....". Developing a mobile app is often complex, possibly expensive, but when done right, it can be rewarding. We can help you to investigate the options, and decide how to proceed.

Client Testimonials

Business Innovation Group

Tomas Krejcar the owner and operator of Two View Studio ltd. in Grande Prairie manages my website. I enjoy speaking with Tomas on his views of business. When meeting with a client Tomas goes in-depth through a discovery process of the objectives of the client's web design. I highly recommend using Tomas when planning to change or build a new professional web site.
Sincerely, Peter Lepinski
see Peter's Website

Beaverlodge Motor Inn

Tomas at Two Views Studio in Grande Prairie did a great job. He redesigned our old website and created an excellent graphics and an easy-to-use new site for us. His price was better than the competition and he is a designer who is always available to help us with our site when we need it.
Barb Lojczyc

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Google AD Grants

Does your non-profit need to get more attention? Does you need more donations? We don’t know of a faster way to go from zero to hero than a Google Grant.

Free Adwords advertising to nonprofits

It’s a shame that Google Ad Grants —Google’s program that gives free Adwords advertising to nonprofits across the globe— gets so little attention. A Google Grant isn’t difficult to get, and the $10,000 per month in free Adwords clicks each grant bestows can rocket a nonprofit organization to new levels of visibility and fundraising in short order.

What Can Google Grants Do For My Organization:

  • Reach donors, volunteers, and consumers when they’re searching on Google
  • Raise awareness by choosing relevant keywords and creating unique ads to highlight your work
  • Track online donations, newsletter sign-ups, and volunteer registrations
  • Promote your organization’s website on Google with in-kind AdWords advertising

Is My Organization Eligible?

To be eligible for Google Grants an organization must:

  • Hold current and valid charity status
  • Be registered with TechSoup
  • Have a website that is both functioning and provides adequate detail on your nonprofit

The following organizations are not eligible for Google Grants:

  • Governmental entities and organizations
  • Hospitals and medical groups
  • Schools, childcare centers, academic institutions and universities (philanthropic arms of educational organizations are eligible).

Once approved for Google Grants, your account needs an expert Adwords manager in order to get the full benefit of the $10,000 monthly award. There are severe rules and restrictions on Google Grants accounts, and if you don’t follow them, you lose your grant with no chance of appeals. It’s not a job for an intern or a volunteer or a temp or a rookie. Our fee is $500 per month — you won’t find a better rate anywhere. Our fee pays for itself many times over in the increased fundraising, sales and awareness your organization receives as a result of our diligent, effective spending of Google’s $10k every month. We also apply for the Google Grant and secure one for you at no extra charge.

Why We Will Get You The Most Visibility and Fundraising For Your Google Grant

Our team has been managing Google advertising accounts since 2001. We are a search-advertising agency specializing in Google Grants. We only charge $500 per month to manage Google Grants accounts, and that fee covers everything. There’s also no long-term commitment; all agreements are month-to-month. We’re confident that all of those factors combined make our company a very attractive choice to manage your Google Ad Grants account.

We’re passionate about the work we do for Grants clients because it’s very fulfilling work. While we’ll always appreciate our for-profit clients, helping Grants clients with their missions is definitely a more fulfilling experience for us.

Our approach to the job is to maximize the grant and get you the full $10,000 of exposure per month, and after six months, to get you in a position where you can be upgraded to GrantsPro and get $40,000 per month instead of $10k. One of the biggest missed opportunities for nonprofits is Google for Nonprofits.

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Silverback Construction

A high-end website for renovations / handyman type business. It is a single pager with a navigation menu that scrolls down to sections on the page. It also features a categorized project gallery. Built with WordPress.

Silverback Website

Grande Prairie Council for Lifelong 

A website overhaul to replace their existing and little-used website with one that would be easier to manage and use.

GPCLL Website

Pho House

An internet presence for a beautiful little Vietnamese restaurant in Grande Prairie. I also created and tuned-up their Google Business page and Facebook page.

Pho House Website

Raising Energy

A psychic located in Ontario needed her website redone. Maybe I read her mind, but she says that I got it looking like she wanted it on the first try.

Raising Energy Website

Sunrooms and Shades

An example of a business owner who out grew his first DIY website and needed some professional help putting together a marketing image and online presence. His site features a product gallery as well as specific project case stories.

Sunrooms and Shades Website

Town of Wembley

The town of Wembley is a long time customer of mine. Their site has gone through several re-designs. The current iteration focuses on being mobile device compatible and usefulness to residents of the town.

Town of Wembley Website


This was a pro-bono project for the Beaverlodge and Area Minor Soccer Association. I wanted to help them to connect with the community and to communicate the latest news and announcements.

Some of the features include: publishing scores, registration form downloads, and a large indicator for rained-out games.

I am still making improvements to the site to add new features. The next addition will be an online registration system.

Beaverlodge Soccer Website

Coast Investments

At Fresh Coast they needed to get away from the generic investment property website. They needed something unique and, more importantly, something that can modified as needed.

There are two distinct sections to this website; one for investors and the other for renters.

Fresh Coast Investments Website

Enviro Home

Enviro Home is a spray foam insulation company. They insulate homes and buildings with spray-on polyurethane insulation. With their new website they don't have to hesitate to give out their URL at trade shows and when talking to customers.

Enviro Home Inc. Website

Winston's Fitness

Winston was not a believer in websites. He saw it just as a necessary expense. When I met him he didn't even have an email address...

Now, though, he loves his website. About every other day it brings a new potential customer to his gym. He got results by combining a strong call-to-action, a good offer, and some SEO and social media.

Winstons Fitness Website

Sacred Essence

It was a lot of fun working with Leanne VanWagner. This site is 100% custom made because her requirements for how the site would look were so inspiring.

Sacred Essence Website

Speed Horses

At Sazwan Speed Horses they raise and sell race horses, so the main requirement was a "product catalogue" to show off their "inventory".

Sazwan Speed Horses Website

GP Wolverines

GP Wolverines Wheelchair Sports Association is an organization that helps people with disabilities. They needed me to take their dated website and modernize it. Some of their requirements were: a photo gallery, sponsors list, and mobile friendly website.

GP Wolverines Website

App Website

A website promoting an iPhone + Android app.

AccountedFor App Website

Hythe Pioneer Homes

Website for the senior care homes in Hythe.

Hythe Pioneer Homes Website